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The State of Global Coal Power: Proposed New Capacity and Power Sector Deep Decarbonization

A High Ambition Coal Phaseout in China: Feasible Strategies through a Comprehensive Plant-level Assessment

Implications of Continued
Coal Builds in the 14th
Five-Year Plan of China

Journal Articles

A plant-by-plant strategy for high-ambition coal power phaseout in China

Authors: Ryna Yiyun Cui, Nathan Hultman, Diyang Cui, Haewon McJeon, Sha Yu, Morgan R. Edwards, Arijit Sen, Kaihui Song, Christina Bowman, Leon Clarke, Junjie Kang, Jiehong Lou, Fuqiang Yang, Jiahai Yuan, Weirong Zhang and Mengye Zhu 

Published on: Nature Communications volume 12, Article number: 1468 (2021

The mortality impacts of current and planned coal-fired power plants in India

Authors: Maureen Cropper, Ryna Cui, Sarath Guttikunda, Nate HultmanPuja Jawahar, Yongjoon Park, Xinlu Yao, and Xiao-Peng Song

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Quantifying the reductions in mortality from air-pollution by cancelling new coal power plants

Authors: Jon Sampedro, Ryna Yiyun Cui, Haewon McJeon, Steven J.Smith, Nathan Hultman, Linlang He, Arijit Sen, Rita Van Dingenen, Ignacio Cazcarro

Published on: Science Direct, Energy and Climate Change Volume 2, December 2020, 100023

Quantifying operational lifetimes for coal power plants under the Paris goals

Authors: Ryna Yiyun Cui,Nathan Hultman,Morgan R. Edwards,Linlang He,Arijit Sen,Kavita Surana,Haewon McJeon,Gokul Iyer,Pralit Patel,Sha Yu,Ted Nace and Christine Shearer 

Published on: Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 4759 (2019)
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