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The State of Global Coal Power: Proposed New Capacity and Power Sector Deep Decarbonization

A High Ambition Coal Phaseout in China: Feasible Strategies through a Comprehensive Plant-level Assessment

Implications of Continued
Coal Builds in the 14th
Five-Year Plan of China

Journal Articles

The mortality impacts of current and planned coal-fired power plants in India

Authors: Maureen Cropper, Ryna Cui, Sarath Guttikunda, Nate HultmanPuja Jawahar, Yongjoon Park, Xinlu Yao, and Xiao-Peng Song
Published on:

Quantifying the reductions in mortality from air-pollution by cancelling new coal power plants

Authors: Jon Sampedro, Ryna Yiyun Cui, Haewon McJeon, Steven J.Smith, Nathan Hultman, Linlang He, Arijit Sen, Rita Van Dingenen, Ignacio Cazcarro
Published on: Science Direct, Energy and Climate Change Volume 2, December 2020, 100023

Quantifying operational lifetimes for coal power plants under the Paris goals

Authors: Ryna Yiyun Cui,Nathan Hultman,Morgan R. Edwards,Linlang He,Arijit Sen,Kavita Surana,Haewon McJeon,Gokul Iyer,Pralit Patel,Sha Yu,Ted Nace and Christine Shearer 
Published on: Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 4759 (2019)
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